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Because of her strong background in litigated matters, her tremendous work ethic in research and preparation, and her creativity, our firm classifies Patricia Fisher with the highest rating of any of the professional experts...

Qualifications / Publications

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In addition to working full time as a forensic document examiner for over 30 years, M. Patricia Fisher has an extensive background in both teaching and writing. In 1977, she was awarded a State of California Lifetime Teaching Credential for grades 7-14 (junior high through junior college). Ms. Fisher left teaching in 1978 to pursue her current career. She now uses her teaching skills to educate attorneys, juries, private investigators, and other professionals about forensic document examination.

Ms. Fisher received an M.J. in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley in 1994. To complete her professional project for the degree, she investigated the pivotal document used to convict John Demjanjuk of being Ivan the Terrible at Treblinka during the 1988 trial in Israel. Many days of the trial were devoted to experts defending their opposing positions about the document. As part of her research, Ms. Fisher examined original documents in the Nazi archives in Moscow, Warsaw, and Berlin. She currently uses her writing and editing skills as the editor of the Journal of Forensic Document Examination, a scientific peer-reviewed journal, and for writing effective reports to assist in understanding and in resolving the document issues in the case.