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She is so well respected that the District Attorney called her as his witness before she even testified on my client's behalf – and her testimony resulted in an immediate dismissal for my client.

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Questioned Documents – documents in dispute

A libelous note tacked onto a pole purportedly to alert tenants about impending danger to them. The person creating the note copied a genuine signature from a tenant onto the libelous note. Eventually, the plaintiff proved that the note was a fabrication, a finding that assisted in settling the case for $650,000 on behalf of the tenants.

Questioned documents surface in a broad range of cases. The majority of these questioned documents are written on paper using conventional writing instruments, but there are cases of questioned documents written on sports memorabilia, walls, polls or other surfaces or substrates, or with writing instruments such as paint, lipstick, and even blood.

Frequently, questioned documents overlap with other cases, for example:

In the more extreme, a plaintiff may fabricate evidence in order to claim injury at a business location. In a personal injury case, a truck driver claimed a brick from a fast food restaurant struck him as he was leaving late one evening with his hamburger and coffee. The trucker kept the receipt in the bag along with the hamburger wrapper and paper cup to prove that he had been at the restaurant. However, the two parts of the receipt didn't match.

He later produced time records to show his activity throughout the year. However, the records for the time period in question turned out to be fabricated. Indented writing lifts showed evidence that he had written these records two years after the incident.

Need help? 30 Years experience available as your resource

Ms. Fisher has more than 30 years experience in a broad range of questioned documents, including the unique. She can quickly assist attorneys and their clients to evaluate and analyze documents to determine potential cause for question.


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Note: M. Patricia Fisher does not accept cases involving the authentication of historical documents, sports memorabilia, or counterfeit money or treasury notes. She will refer such specialized examinations to other experts, where appropriate.