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extremely impressed by your professional integrity, meticulous investigation and examination of the documents in question, and your demeanor on the witness stand.

Business records, contracts and agreements, insurance and mortgage fraud, complex business litigation

Questioned documents – documents in dispute

Everything went smoothly when the partners signed the contract. Now, one partner claims that the signature is not his. A guarantor to multimillion dollar loan says he didn't sign the guarantee....

Common business document disputes can be scenarios such as:

QUESTION: How can the expert verify?

In a disputed contract matter, laboratory tests proved the genuineness of a companion and second contract:

Document types

Questioned documents in business, insurance and mortgage fraud, and complex litigation, can commonly include:

Was the electronic signature genuine in an insurance claim case?

Not every document that is challenged, such as in the case of the questioned contract, turns out to be forged, fabricated, or altered. Careful study and testing of the documents is critical before any presumptions are made.

Complex cases

Complex business litigation often involves multiple types of documents such as hard copies of emails, facsimiles, PDF files, computer printouts, computer processed and handwritten documents, documents on different types of papers using different writing instruments or multiple printers. Originals in international business transactions often are not available; and computers and other equipment used to create the documents may no longer exist.

However, the issues related to the documents must still be analyzed. Complex litigation can range from thousands of documents or be just one disputed document central to the case. In either instance, each side's expert and attorney must spend hours of analysis to effectively present the expert's opinion.

Need Help? 30 years experience available as your resource

Ms. Fisher understands has more than 30 years experience in questioned document analysis and testing in business, insurance and mortgage fraud cases, and in complex litigation. Her experience spans hundreds of cases involving attorneys or insurance companies and their clients


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